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Mendes Consulting LLC serves for-profit and not-for-profit organizations that help underserved individuals in the community or promote economic growth in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Our clients typically are navigating a period of strategic change such as significant growth, loss of a key customer or funding source, turnover in personnel, new strategic direction or change in investors.


Mendes Consulting LLC is comprised of committed, senior level financial executives with over 40 years of combined experience spanning various industries, including over 30 years of Big 4 public accounting experience. With our deep and diverse expertise, we bring a unique perspective to identifying, developing and designing solutions focused on improving decision-making and enhancing processes and efficiencies for organizations.

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Common Challenges


Uncertain cash flow

Turnover of key financial executives

The need for more financial expertise within senior management and the board of directors

Lack of clear, consistent financial reporting

Unknown program or product profitability

Inefficient or ineffective finance and accounting department

Benefits to You


Our approach focuses on two core benefits to your organization:

Improved Decision-Making

Having a complete understanding of your organization’s financial strengths and vulnerabilities is vital for senior executives and board members in decision making.  Assessing strategic alternatives, such as how and when to allocate scarce resources, whether to pursue acquisition targets or how to best refinance the balance sheet, requires a thorough understanding of complicated quantitative and qualitative financial information.


Mendes Consulting LLC makes the complex simple, delivering solutions and recommendations to equip senior executives and board members with information to make informed decisions. 

Enhanced Processes & Efficiencies

To compete in today’s complex world, organizations are expected to produce results while being innovative and nimble.  Management must ensure the organization operates as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Identifying improvement opportunities and implementing unique solutions are keys to success.  By focusing on people, processes and technologies, Mendes Consulting LLC creates tools, methodologies, trainings and seminars to help organizations save time and money.

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