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Here are examples of solutions Mendes Consulting LLC developed to address challenges faced by its clients.

One organization hired Mendes Consulting to provide a clear picture of its current financial situation. Senior management, the board of directors and external funders were unable to obtain clear, monthly financial reports and cash flow projections were confusing and not reliable.  Mendes Consulting worked with the finance department to understand, simplify and clarify the financial reporting process.  Using the work done by Mendes Consulting, the finance department was able to generate accurate monthly financial statements and cash flow projections.  These changes led to an improved understanding of the financial situation by management and the board of directors and additional funding from outside parties.

Mendes Consulting was hired by an organization that generated significant operating losses for several years. The executive management team and board of directors were in the process of performing a strategic assessment of the entire organization. Mendes Consulting completed a financial analysis of each of the organization’s 13 programs and determined three of the programs were the root cause of the operating losses.  Based on Mendes Consulting’s analysis, the organization was able to make needed changes in each of the three programs and eliminate the operating losses.  Mendes Consulting also created monthly financial benchmark reports to clearly indicate the financial performance of each program.

Mendes Consulting was approached by an organization that was expanding significantly. The unprecedented growth led to the Chief Executive Officer’s concern that the finance department did not have the right skillset, processes and technology to manage a larger organization. Mendes Consulting performed a review of the day-to-day activities of the finance department and was able to recommend and implement significant changes in the department. Mendes Consulting also assisted management and the board of directors with hiring a new Director of Finance.


"Pete Mendes provided tremendous service to our organization in a time of need. He was effective, transparent, and dedicated and he quickly prioritized and carefully managed a very complex series of tasks that were essential to our survival. I’m delighted to offer an enthusiastic recommendation for Mendes Consulting."

- Sheldon Goettel, Co-President of PF/PCA Board

"Effective and efficient, the firm surpasses expectations and generously gives back to the organizations it works with in a myriad of ways. In my 24 years as an Executive, I've never had the privilege of working with a group that could surpass the competency of Mendes Consulting."

- Grace Coleman, Executive Director of Crisis Center North

“Before Pete joined our team as interim CFO, we were at a crossroads with our accounting processes, unsure of the best path forward.  Pete was able to call on his vast business and accounting knowledge to quickly understand the processes at our company, provide a concise plan on process improvement and, lastly, implement these changes with minimal involvement from myself. Pete’s impact continues to have a positive influence in our day-to-day operations and put us on the best path forward.  I appreciate that I had an experienced advisor on my team that I could trust and who ultimately saved my company time and money.”

- Founder and President of Pittsburgh Based Company

"Pete provided our Executive Team with the real financial information we needed to make sound strategic decisions critical to the successful turn-around of our agency. With his mentoring and coaching, Pete gave us the knowledge, skills and confidence we needed to marry our quality services for families to the financial health of our agency. But more than that, Pete believed in our mission and our professional growth. In the Human Services field, that is priceless."

- Aimee LeFevers, Executive Director of Family Resources

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